Online Word Counter

Free to use online word counter

This is a free service for counting words for websites online. The simple-to-use service gives you an estimate of the number of words on your website - both the number of unique words, as well as the total number of words on the site.

How does the online word counter work?

The service scans a number of webpages on the site, and calculates the total number of words on those pages. By multiplying this with the number of pages that are in the Google Index, an estimate of the total number of words on the website is made. It also calculates the number of words that are in total, as well as unique words. With unique words we mean that thinks like menus, repeated paragrafs and similar are only counted ones.

Note that the online word counter can give different results depending on if you use “www.” in the domain or not, depending on the configurations of the website being checked.

How good is the online word counter?

The service gives only an approximation if the domain checked is large. The reason is that complete analysis of a site requires too much resources for larger websites. The estimate will be good on larger sites where all pages are indexed by Google. A large website which is not search engine optimized can however lead to misleading results. Use at own risk.